All students are invited to participate in extracurricular clubs.  Clubs are a great way to connect with classmates, build friendships, and explore new and familiar interests.  Descriptions of our club offerings are in the slide deck below. To join a club, simply fill out the forms linked to the left of the slides.  You must be logged into your district email to access the form.  Once the form has been completed, please allow 24 hours, then access the club by visiting classroom.google.com.  For questions or clarification about club offerings, or to propose a new student club, contact Mrs. Espino at kespino@glendora.k12.ca.us.
Anime Club
Book Club
Calligraphy Club
Chess Club
Colorguard Club
Creative Writing Club
Culinary Club
Environmental Club
Football Club
Gaming Club
Glendora Healthy Minds
Harry Potter Club
Lego Club
Skateboarding Club
Sketch Club
Speech & Debate Club