8th Grade Registration

Dear 8th graders & families,


It's your last year of middle school! We are looking forward to an amazing year of growing and learning together! Please watch the 8th Grade Overview Video to the right, review the elective course offerings below, and complete the registration form. If you have any questions, or if you need any assistance, please email kespino@glendora.k12.ca.us.

Yours in education,

Mrs. Kristy Espino

Assistant Principal

Required Courses

All students are required to take the following courses:

  • English

  • History

  • Math

  • Science

  • Physical Education

Click the link below to view descriptions of the content to be taught in these courses.​

Elective Courses

8th grade students are required to take one (1) elective course.  Some students may be eligible to take zero period in order to make room for an additional elective, but space is extremely limited and preference is given to students enrolling in application or audition based courses.


Explore the descriptions and links below for more information about 8th grade elective options!



This class is designed to support students with a grade point average between 2.0 and 3.5 to be more successful in their classes through study skills, critical thinking, note taking, and tutorials. This class is designed to challenge students to attempt more rigorous classes.  There are required prerequisites for this course and students have already been selected.



Students in this class will develop skills in basic journalistic techniques, photography, and layout. They will plan, design, and create a yearbook that represents all students from various grades and social groups, and that celebrates highlights from the school year. Application is required.

Sheet Music

Sandburg Music Express

This full-year course is a fun exploration of music and rhythm!  Students in this class will work on musical literacy through a variety of activities. Play drum beats from around the world. Use games and fun, brain-powered, activities to learn how to read music. Learn how to play the keyboard and build skills related to singing and dancing. Take your musical skills to a new level by using technology to create your own musical compositions. No music experience is necessary to participate in this elective; all are welcome to board the Sandburg Music Express!



Intermediate Orchestra

Refresh and continue to develop skills from your previous strings experience. This class features improvisation, composition, music theory, music history, and world music.  Individual growth and achievement will be encouraged through activities in rhythm recognition, scales, and ensemble skills with a focus on posture, tone and bowing technique. Students will perform in at least three concerts. 


Advanced Orchestra

Students will continue to become fluent sight-readers and strong ensemble musicians.  This class will develop music literacy and aural skills with a greater focus on advanced techniques. Musicians will learn to analyze and evaluate music and use critical thinking skills to make refinements in their performance. Individual growth and achievement are encouraged through participation in chamber music and leadership opportunities.  Students will perform in at least three concerts with additional off-campus performances possibly at a theme park or festival.  Placement into Advanced Orchestra is by teacher approval. 

NOTE:  There will be some in-school and outside-of-school performances for both the choral and the instrumental music classes that are factored into your child’s overall grade.

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Peer Tutor

Peer tutors provide subject-area knowledge and serve as a model for students in the techniques, strategies, attitudes, and beliefs that successful learners employ as they acquire new knowledge, solve problems, and complete academic tasks. Peer Tutors should be responsible, trustworthy and reliable.

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Advanced Art

This is a year-long advanced studio course primarily for students who have previously taken Art 7.  Since projects depend upon skills learned in Art 7, the units of study are focused on developing a student’s personal style and experimentation with new media and techniques.  Topics include drawing, painting, sculpture, technology, and design.  All lessons and projects adhere to the California State Visual and Performing Arts Standards for eighth grade.



Students enrolled in the ASB elective will participate in activities designed to encourage and empower them to lead by example. Throughout the course, students will think critically and work collaboratively with elected ASB Cabinet members to plan, implement, and evaluate campus activities for the betterment of the school community. The ASB elective is a service-based course with required participation in service projects in the school and community. This elective is a year-long course for 7th and 8th grade students; students must apply for this class and be selected in order to be enrolled.  Selected students will be considered for enrollment in a zero period class to open their schedule for an additional elective, if they wish.


Golden Notes

Golden Notes is Sandburg's show choir.   Auditions are held in the spring with ‘triple threat performers’ who sing and dance with pizzazz! There are regular after-school choreography rehearsals on Wednesdays, 2:40-4:00 p.m., October – February.  Evening performances include: Sounds of Noel (religious), Rotary Choral Festival (patriotic), fall and spring fundraising concerts, and competition events.

To schedule an audition, have your parent/guardian email Mrs. Trevor!​

Good Grades

Teacher's Aide (T.A.)

Teacher’s Aide (T.A.) is a year-long elective for 8th grade students only. T.A.’s will be trained by the teacher for their role in the classroom. Students will develop their leadership skills while supporting their peers. T.A.’s should be responsible, trustworthy and reliable.

School Supply

Office Aide

Office Aides interact with many members of the school community and therefore must be responsible, reliable, and respectful at all times. Office Aides assist office personnel by taking phone messages, taking out call slips, making copies on the copy machine, collating materials, filing, folding letters, stuffing envelopes for mail-outs, and any other job that arises.  Strong communication skills are required for this position.

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Spanish I

This foreign language course is a high school equivalent course, designed for non-native speakers. While the course is aligned with the Spanish I class at GHS, high school credit will not be awarded upon completion. Students signing up for this class will have a seven period day to accommodate Spanish and another elective. If a zero period day is scheduled, class will meet daily from 7:15 – 8:00 a.m., pending funding. Placement is based upon multiple measures including, but not limited to, English grade, GPA, state test scores, attendance, discipline, and teacher recommendation.

Graphic Innovations.jpg

Graphic Innovations

This year-long course will consist of students learning many components of graphic design, photography, and videography. Students will achieve moderate to mastery level of editing, manipulating, and creating original work with photo editing softwares, Vector, video editing software, and apps.



The Intermediate Band is made up primarily of 6th and 7th grade brass and woodwind players. Students have usually had one to two years of experience on their instruments and can demonstrate basic skills to keep up with their required learning activities. 


The Advanced Band is made up of a selected number of brass and woodwind players who have had several years experience on their instruments and who have passed the audition and approval of the director. This class is designed to meet the needs of the more advanced musicians by teaching and implementing complex musical concepts.  Students will be tested regularly, have a more active performance schedule, and are expected to practice more.


All students will be tested regularly, and will learn several music pieces for performances.


Library Aide

Library Aides assist the school librarian with the daily operations of the school library. This can include checking out materials, reshelving books, monitoring students' use of resources, and assisting teachers in finding materials.