Sandburg - Nakamura Sister School Program


As part of a long standing tradition at both middle schools in Glendora, students have the opportunity to embark on an educational trip of a lifetime.


The Sandburg Middle School-Nakamura Junior High School exchange program allows students from both countries to learn about the cultural and educational differences between our two countries through a unique homestay program.  During their trip to Japan, Sandburg students stay with Japanese host families, attend Nakamura Junior High, and live a traditional Japanese life during their stay.  In addition to their educational experience at home and school, our most recent student participants learned to cook Japanese Curry and Yakisoba noodles, participated in science experiences, toured 400 year old Shinto Shrines and Buddhist Temples, traveled 175 miles per hour on the Shinkansen (bullet train), toured Tokyo, participated in the Moka City’s (Glendora’s sister city) summer festival where they carried a portable shrine called a Mikoshi, and formed friendships that not only bridge the Pacific Ocean, but will last a lifetime.